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3535 Aluminum Nitride Ceramic IR Led Chip High Power Infrared Monitoring Security

Product Details:
Place of Origin: SHENZHEN
Brand Name: Yuhang
Certification: CE.SGS.ROHS
Model Number: YHC3535IR850
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 3K
Price: Please inquiry
Packaging Details: 1000pcs/Reel our product package size is 25x23CM, and is the use of aluminum vacuum packaging. And different types of containers, small cartons can be installed about 100K products. Large box can hold about 500K.
Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 8KK/Days

Detailed Product Description


Type:smd led Chip Material:InGaN
Emitting Color:Infrared 850nm Luminous Intensity:Customers' Requirements
Luminous Flux(lm):400mw Power:1-3W
Viewing Angle(°):120 Degree Color Rendering Index:Null
Color Temperature:850nm Operating Temperature:-20 - 85
Chip Brand:Epistar Chip, Sanan Chip,Epileds Chip Current:700mA
Voltage:1.5-1.8V Warranty:2 Years

3535 aluminum nitride ceramic smd led High-power infrared Monitoring security with 850nm launch tube lamp



  • Features:

  1. Long operating life

  2. Highest flux

  3. More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps

  4. Low voltage DC operated

  5. Instant light (less than 100ns)

  6. Fully dimmable

  7. No UV

  8. Superior ESD protection

  9. RoHS compliant




  • The 5054 IR 850NM Taping is much smaller than lead frame type components, thus enable smaller board size, higher packing density, reduced storage space and finally smaller equipment to be obtained.

  • Besides, lightweight makes them ideal for miniature applications. etc.



  • PCB mounted infrared sensor.

  • Infrared emitting for miniature light barrier.

  • Floppy disk drive.

  • Optoelectronic switch.


Package Dimension:

3535 Aluminum Nitride Ceramic IR Led Chip High Power Infrared Monitoring Security


Product Type:YHC3535IR850
Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25°C)
Value Unit
Forward current
700 mA
Reverse voltage Vr 5 V
Power dissipation Pd 400 mW
Operating temperature range Top -25~+80 °C
Storage temperature range Tstg -30~+85 °C
Peak pulsing current(1/8 duty f=1KHz) Ifp 800 mA
Junction Temperature Tj 115 ℃/W
Electrostatic Discharge(HBM) ESD 1000 V
Electro-Optical characteristics (TA=25°C)









Value Unit
Min Typ Max

Color Temperature

IF=700mA CCT IR -- -- -- K

Forward voltage

IF=700mA Vf IR 1.5 -- 1.8 V

Total Radiated Power

IF=700mA φ IR 400 -- 600 MW

Viewing angle at 50% IV

IF=700mA 2θ1/2 IR -- 120 -- Deg


Dominant wavelength

IF=700mA λd -- -- 850 -- nm


Reverse current

Vr=5V Ir IR -- 5 -- μA

Color Rendering Index

IF=700mA CRI -- -- -- -- Ra


Please read the following notes before using the datasheets:

1. Over-current-proof

Customer must apply resistors for protection, otherwise slight voltage shift will cause big current change (Burn out will happen).

2. Storage

2.1 Do not open moisture proof bag before the products are ready to use.

2.2 Before opening the package, the LEDs should be kept at 30℃ or less and 90%RH or less.

2.3 The LEDs should be used within a year.

2.4 After opening the package, the LEDs should be kept at 30℃ or less and 70%RH or less.

2.5 The LEDs should be used within 168 hours (7 days) after opening the package.

2.6 If the moisture adsorbent material (silica gel) has fabled away or the LEDs have exceeded the storage time, baking treatment should be performed using the following conditions. Baking treatment: 60±5℃ for 24 hours.

3. Soldering Condition

3.1 Pb-free solder temperature profile.


1.9mm Height Top View 3528 Infrared Emitting Diode , Infrared Chip LED 850nm


3.2 Reflow soldering should not be done more than two times.

3.3 When soldering, do not put stress on the LEDs during heating.

3.4 After soldering, do not warp the circuit board.


4. Soldering Iron

Each terminal is to go to the tip of soldering iron temperature less than 260℃ for 5 seconds within once in less than the soldering iron capacity 25W. Leave two seconds and more intervals, and do soldering of each terminal. Be careful because the damage of the product is often started at the time of the hand solder.


5. Repairing

Repair should not be done after the LEDs have been soldered. When repairing is unavoidable, a double-head soldering iron should be used (as below figure). It should be confirmed beforehand whether the characteristics of the LEDs will or will not be damaged by repairing.


1.9mm Height Top View 3528 Infrared Emitting Diode , Infrared Chip LED 850nm


6. Caution in ESD

Static Electricity and surge damages the LED. It is recommended to use a wrist band or anti-electrostatic glove when handling the LED. All devices, equipment and machinery must be properly grounded.


Reel Dimensions:
0.80mm Height Top View White LED SMD Chip Promotion 3014 6000 -7500K

Carrier Tape Dimensions:
Loaded quantity 1000 PCS Per reel.

Application field

Are widely used in the LED lamp, LED bulb light, LED panel light, LED ceiling lamp, LED street light, LED lamp, miner's lamp, stage light, flashlight, lighting, lamp lighting lamps and lanterns, as well as outdoor billboards, such as electronic display, traffic lights, signs, car tail lights, LED modules, LCD back light, LED lighting lighting, LED soft/hard light bar, etc., is the better choice to replace traditional lighting light source.